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Emma Rees cites two further cinematic examples: While the hidden band played in the grotto, Ludwig drifted in the swan-shaped boat to the backup tunes of the generators making waves and Wagner. Thus for example cunt is a more strongly tabooed word than prick, and has more tabooed synonyms" Pretty much a Berserk Button for Stephanie Plum. Their t-shirt slogans are: Martin Samuel calls it "one of the best words"
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The C U Next Tuesday night at Lost Society has been the subject of controversy on Twitter today.

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Photographer Andres Serrano who specialises in provocative and taboo-breaking images has photographed a vagina with teeth from a shark stuck inside it, in a literal interpretation of the photograph's title Vagina Dentata: In the article, Richard Littlejohn asks, rhetorically: Philip Rawson cites the ancient Chinese belief that vaginas were "executioners of men" There is also a feminist group in Denmark called Vagina Dentata. The vagina dentata myth has been appropriated in contemporary cinema by the "killer vagina" Tammy Oler, film Teeth , in which the central character "bit[es] off penises with the inside of her vagina" Jonny Brown,
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The image of a mouth - the gaping maw of nightmares and horror scenarios - is probably enough on its own to instil[l] dread" That's my point, you— [notices Maeby] This long-standing belief, that "the vagina resembles a fish because like a fish it stinks", is the commonest example of what was described in as the "historical cultural connection between women's genitals and filth and disease" Celia Roberts, Susan Kippax, Mary Spongberg, and June Crawford. Greer's solution was to foster an awareness of the positive power and significance of 'cunt', the word and the organ: The goddess Scylla is represented as a beautiful woman above the waist though "[her] lower parts consist of three snapping hellhounds" Barbara Creed,
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It is time to dig CUNT and women must dig it first. Bellerophon, for instance, "fled in terror from Lycian women advancing on him with genitals exposed, and even the sea god Poseidon retreated, for fear they might swallow him" Barbara G Walker, , or, as Catherine Blackledge succinctly puts it: Said character is a Take That! The swampy scent Roseanna exuded in her twenties, most unique, not at all fishy but vegetative, rooty, in the muck with the rot. Basic Instinct , Body Of Evidence , and GoldenEye all exploit these fears, depicting women played respectively by Sharon Stone, Madonna, and Famke Janssen who either murder their partners during sex or literally fuck them to death as do the mermaids in the film Empires Of The Deep. There is also a song titled Biddy Mulligan:
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